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 The Conference volume has been published in the prestigious Publishing House Press of our University.
It is free accesible here to the students and research community through "Jean Monnet Module" project.

The key points of SESYR: Two intensive training modules for ​PhD students of the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration aimed to align their research to the EU standards and requirements and to train researchers for an integrated, competitive and dynamic labor market.


Background and rationale of the proposal

There is great diversity of education by means of PhD programs in the EU. These include some of the most advanced poles of research in the world (Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands) for young researchers and also new programs developed in schools that are open to transfer of experience, such as doctoral programs in Eastern Europe, including Romania. These programs can develop new borders of knowledge for PhD students and are supported financially by the EU (including JM Module).


Aims, activities, main outputs, outcomes and impact including indicators of achievement

The module Sustainable Education through European Studies for Young Researchers (SESYR) aims to integrate the vision of the EU on research sustainability by means of two dimensions covered in the European research strategy, i.e. employability and entrepreneurship in all doctoral strategies and activities. The module uses the approach by offering young researchers the support needed to understand the context of their integration into the European labor market, the experiences of other doctoral schools in the EU, in terms of increasing employability and entrepreneurial activities by means of new funding mechanisms and by adding value to careers of young researchers.

The module will be integrated into the curriculum of first-year PhD students of the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration and will also be provided to other schools within the university. In the design of the evaluation portfolio, we will create opportunities for transferring research skills to labor market using a variety of instruments: career plans, postdoctoral research projects, business plans, summaries of European projects needed for topics researched by PhD students, poster exhibitions on European experiences covering the sustainability of doctoral research. Round tables, workshops and networking events will provide additional support for debates on approaches used in the EU.

The module has 35 seats and​​ the selection is based on the "first come, first served" principle.

Deadline for signing up is October 31, 2018.

Required documents are CV, the list of scientific papers. and the registration file (which can be downloaded from here as .pdf or .doc)
These documents will be sent scanned and archived electronically at the email address